Instrumentation Specification

We can help you specify the best sensors to fit to a wind tunnel model or race car for the best data quality.

In designing experiments it is critical that the instruments used are well matched to the application, that sensors are located appropriately and data recorded at a suitable rate.

Poor data can lead you to the wrong conclusion, so can be worse than no data at all, so ensuring that the data you collect is representative of the physical phenomena that you are trying to measure is essential for an efficient program.

Loadcell design

We have developed loadcells which fit in a wind tunnel model axle for measuring wheel drag. The concept is easily extended to measure all 3 components of force acting between the wheel and the upright, if space is sufficient. The load measurement cell is very small, allowing multiple axes to be measured within a small space, and the loadcells feature on-board amplifiers to minimise electrical noise in the signal.

The loadcells are typically designed to measure relatively small loads, in the order of hundreds of Newtons with an accuracy and repeatability better than 0.2%FS. They are temperature compensated, and the design minimises cross-talk from other loads within the cell.

Please contact us for further details.