Mapomatic is a tool for the visualisation and analysis of 3-dimensional data sets. It is provided as an API, allowing its functions to be accessed from any programming language using the Microsoft .NET framework, and comes with an add-in for Microsoft Excel allowing it to be used directly from the toolbar. It has been produced with the visualisation and analysis of aerodynamic data in mind, specifically rideheight maps of aerodynamic coefficients, but in practice it may be applied to any set of data.

Its key features are as follows:

    Production of colour filled contour plots of 3-dimensional data.

    Application of contour plot to the background of a Microsoft Excel chart.

    Bilinear interpolation and extrapolation.

    Extraction of second slopes of the Z-variable with X and Y over the data envelope.

Use the menu on the left to view examples. An overview of the software can be downloaded in pdf format here.

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Contour plots

Mapomatic generates a Delaunay triangulation of the given dataset, and assumes a linear slope over each triangle to produce the contour plots. Mean slopes are taken outside of the data envelope to allow extrapolation, as shown in the paler colour contours.

Use of a triangulation means that unstructured datasets may be used. The lower plot shown is from a random distribution of points over which the same function is calculated as the top which shows a structured dataset.


Using the same algorithm it uses to calculate the contour plots, mapomatic can interpolate and extrapolate to any give pair of X-Y values. Here the upper plot shows an Excel chart where Mapomatic has generated the Z contours in the background, automatically scaling the image to suit the chart. The lower chart shows the interpolated Z values plotted against X.