Aerodynamic Development

Extensive experience in aerodynamic development from Formula 1 and other racing series is applicable to any branch of low speed aerodynamics.

Typically the development process would involve taking the design from concept sketches to a 3D CAD model which can be analysed in CFD to determine the basic performance characteristics. For rapid optimisation a scale wind tunnel program is required. Finally full scale testing, either in the wind tunnel or track in the case of a racing car, to ensure that gains made in development are realised in the final product.

For racing cars there are many factors that can affect correlation between CFD, scale model, and full scale, such as tyre shape, Reynolds number effects, and part flexibility. Second order characteristics, such as pitch sensitivity can affect ultimate performance regardless of downforce and drag. Many of these factors can be considered early in the design process to ensure the best possible modelling of the produce being optimised.